10 Ways Your Business Customer Can Damage Your Project (and what to do about them)

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I’m excited to be giving a talk at the Business Analysis Conference Europe in September. I enjoy giving talks, sharing knowledge and ideas, and the discussion in the Q and A. I am buzzing about this one because it is about patterns I have spotted while working on IT delivery projects over the years. I look at the different ways that your Business Customer can unintentionally damage the product they are supposed to be shaping, and what you can do about them.

Benedicta Makin, Senior Business Analyst, Digital Mammoth Ltd, benedicta.makin@gmail.com         Benedicta will be speaking at the Business Analysis Conference Europe 2017. She will be presenting the following session: 10 Ways Your Business Customer Can Damage Your Project – and What to do About Them


Sometimes the Business Customer struggles because they don’t have a clear idea of what they want, other times they are challenging because their ideas are perhaps a little too set. Sometimes they have to overcome a lack of experience or bad experiences in the past. I look at specific patterns and suggest ways of helping the Business Customer – and you – create a better product.

There are any number of causes for the familiar problems that beset us on IT delivery projects (scope creep, lack of clarity, changes in focus, wasted work). By unpacking the cause, rather than looking at the effect, I hope this talk will help BAs (and any Project Managers who come along) choose the right tools and techniques for keeping their Business Customers focused and effective.

Benedicta Makin has been a Business Analyst for over 15 years and has an MSc in Strategic Management. She has worked in England, Scotland, Scandinavia and Germany, for organisations as diverse as the University of Glasgow, Franklin Templeton Investments, Capita and BT. Ben believes a BA should help the Business get the most value from their IT projects by ensuring clear communications among all stakeholders including IT. Outside work, she is publishing 650 letters online which were written by her grandfather and his brothers during the First World War.

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