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As many of you know, I enthusiastically believe in the value that good quality Business Analysis can bring, and I love speaking, writing and presenting on this and many other topics! In a break from my normal ‘blog’ style, I have a very quick update for you. I’m really excited to announce I’ll be speaking at the Business Analysis Conference Europe, 24-26 September 2018.

Adrian Reed, Principal Consultant, Blackmetric Business Solutions;
Adrian will be be presenting a workshop entitled Pre-Project Problem Analysis: Techniques for Early BA Engagement.  Later in the conference he will present a session entitled And Then The Magic Happens: What BAs can Learn from the World of Magic

Attending the conference is always one of the highlights of my year, as it provides a real melting pot of ideas. It’s a great place to meet other BAs and exchange knowledge. There are fantastic presentations from real-world practitioners, and there’s also the opportunity to relax and chat over a beer (or two) after the conference has closed. If you haven’t been before, I’d highly recommend taking a look:

And if you’re on Twitter, you can keep tabs on the preparations for the conference (and the conference itself) using the #BA2018 hashtag.

I hope to see you there…

Adrian Reed is an experienced and enthusiastic business analyst who is a keen advocate of the analysis profession. Adrian is a Past President of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) UK Chapter, where he served as a volunteer for more than six years. In his day job, he is a Principal Consultant at Blackmetric Business Solutions, where he has the opportunity to work with a range of clients in a range of different industries, often helping to shape projects and solve tricky problems. His ‘day job’ involves a mixture of hands-on analysis, delivery of training, writing and speaking. Adrian speaks regularly at conferences, and is known as a prolific blogger. You can read Adrian’s blog at He is an advocate of lifelong learning, and holds the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, IIBA® CBAP® and BA Manager Forum Expert BA Award. Adrian is author of “Be a Great Problem Solver…” (2017), author of “Business Analyst” (due for release 2018) and contributor to “Business Analysis & Leadership” (2013) “Process Precepts” (2017)

Copyright Adrian Reed, Principal Consultant, Blackmetric Business Solutions

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