Business Intelligence and Analytics in a UK Major Infrastructure Case Study

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In the mid-1800s, the stench emanating from River Thames was so foul that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert cancelled a boat trip within minutes of taking to the water. Londoners complained of embankments piled with waste. Parliament, overcome by the reek of the river, almost moved to Oxford.

Nino Letteriello, Partner, FIT Strategy
spoke at the Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence and Analytics Conference 2019. He spoke on the subject, ‘Business Intelligence and Analytics in a UK Major Infrastructure Case Study
The 2020 Enterprise Data & Business Intelligence and Analytics Conference will take place 2-5 November 2020, London. The conferences will be available via Live Streaming and Face to Face.

All manner of industrial, animal and human waste had poisoned the river and finally made it unbearable. Something had to be done. So, Victorian engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette was tasked with developing a solution. His network of sewers, built using 300 million bricks, profoundly ameliorated the water quality of the Thames, the air in the city and the health of its inhabitants. His underground sewerage system remains in a good, working condition to this very day. However, it simply cannot cope with the demands of modern-day London…

The Thames Tideway Tunnel – London’s new super sewer – is currently under construction in London. A 25 kilometres long and as wide as three London buses. But beyond simply building a tunnel, Tideway is leaving a lasting legacy for London creating new pieces of public space, reclaimed from the Thames and upskilling a new generation of engineers.

In this context, the Thames Tideway Tunnel has engaged in an ambitious Data and Information management cultural change, ensuring data is collected and leveraged to enable an informed decision making and safe operational implementation.

In a complex infrastructure, stakeholder and highly regulated environment, Tideway decided to join effort with the various parties involved to develop joint IT and Business solutions, shared Management Systems and Architecture, agile Data Governance, dedicated Analytics and Reporting functions and integrated Datawarehouse.

The main objectives of the Enterprise Data Solution developed were to:

• establish an enduring, scalable and sustainable Enterprise Reporting service to address established known reporting requirements of the project and also address new requirements as they arise without major re-work or development of the solution;
• deliver a Datawarehouse to hold data extracts from different source systems and to transform the data according to reporting requirements and for data to be held in fact tables and dimension tables;
• deliver a multi-dimensional OLAP cube to hold calculated measures and pre-aggregated data across different dimensions and to accommodate access of the Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics tools;
• deliver a set of pre-populate reports for our internal and external Stakeholders;
• enable the Enterprise Report Analysts to provide a flexible and scalable reporting capability for the project

Being Health and Safety of our staff at the core of our operations, new technology, such as Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as Digital Twin and Building Information Management (BIM) design and predictive risk analysis were launched to minimise risk to our staff and improve their familiarisation with the work sites.

Finally, we are keen that our effort is not limited to the Tideway project and is shared with the wider construction community and to this extent we keep working with i3P, an innovative new platform that allows the brightest minds in infrastructure to collaborate to deliver infrastructure for the future.

Nino is an experienced project and data officer, having spent last 15 years working on some of the major UK infrastructure scheme (Jubilee Line Upgrade, London Tideway) and mega events (London 2012, FIFA World Cup 2014, Rio 2016). Most recently Nino focused on data and information management initiatives and since 2018 is President of the Italian Data Management Association and co-founder of FIT Strategy, a multi-disciplined management consultancy firm with clients in UK and Italy.

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