The World of Business Transformation

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Business transformation might be a new term, but the idea behind it isn’t. Businesses have always had to evolve to survive. As “transformation” has become a buzzword in recent years, it has been used to describe a wide range of efforts. One type that has become especially popular is focused on IT-facilitated transformations.

Paul Harmon, BPM Expert, BPTrends,

A White Paper, May 2017 in collaboration with Signavio

Specifically, digital transformations refer to the way that businesses are responding to changes in society and technologies and adopting new ways of doing business. Some of the driving forces in these transformation projects include changing customer expectations and information available from analyzing large data stores. Another type of related transformation project includes cognitive transformation, which refers to an effort to improve an organization’s processes by adding natural language interfaces, sophisticated decision support capabilities, and using robotic devices that incorporate both intelligence and natural language interfaces. These two types of transformation projects are just a couple examples of the ongoing IT changes that organizations face.

“A Digital Organization”

But these changes can bring a number of opportunities along with them if businesses are willing to embrace them. The best place to start any transformation project is on the process level because it allows businesses to evaluate their current state while also developing a future state to aspire to. Using a process management software is the best way to kickstart a transformation project, especially IT-facilitated ones. With software like Signavio Business Transformation Suite, the process language of BPMN serves as a bridge between business users and IT professionals. If you’d like to read more about digital and cognitive transformations, you can read Paul Harmon’s whitepaper on the topic called “The World of Business Transformation.”

Paul is the author of the popular book, Business Process Change, a founder and executive editor at a leading source of information about business process trends and developments, and the chief methodologist at BPTrends Associates ( a professional services company providing educational and consulting services to managers interested in understanding and implementing business process change.

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