A Short Review Of The IRM Business Change And Transformation Conference

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Our relationship with IRM first started with sponsoring the Enterprise Architecture Conference in London each autumn. But last week it was our pleasure to again join the annual Business Change and Transformation Conference. Over the last few years this has become another staple event for us.

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Ben Beeching, EMEA Marketing Manager, MEGA International
MEGA International sponsored the Virtual Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe 17-19 May 2021
. The next Virtual Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management Conference will take place 11-14 October 2021.

The BCT conference is a great chance to connect with the community of business analysts and change professionals from the UK and around Europe. It seems like a very close-knit community, and one that is very happy to share ideas and best practices among themselves – even when competitors are present. It is a refreshing attitude and, even pre-pandemic, very much embraces a “we’re in this together” mentality. I feel that people in other professions could gain a lot from taking this collaborative approach.

Creativity and drive

What struck me across all the presentations at this year’s conference was the creativity and drive to create positive business outcomes. At risk of stating the obvious, the appetite to change and not accept the status quo seemed even more evident this year. At the conference in 2020 everyone was still adjusting to lockdowns and acclimatising to virtual rather than physical events.

This year it felt as though the energy had gone up a few more octanes and that all organisations from the MOD to some big banks were on a mission to adjust and thrive. I particularly enjoyed Maria Cullen’s presentation about how Nationwide Building Society have been democratising business change across the organisation. Even as a marketing professional there was a lot to learn from that approach. I also took a lot from Nissi Ozigbu’s session on inclusive team cultures, some of which I have already been thinking about as I work with colleagues and partners around the world.

The impact of digital change

Our own presentation focused on how to future-proof organisations for digital change and transformation programmes. Using the example of one of our own customers, we showed the audience how Airbus have taken a digital-first approach to the way their products are designed, manufactured, and operated.

As a bit of an aviation buff myself it was fascinating to see in more detail how digitising processes across the whole business has reduced time to market for new aircraft and created a much greater alignment across the company.

Looking ahead

Although I have singled out a few presentations for mention, there was not one session I did not learn something from. We are already looking ahead to the autumn’s EA and data governance conferences with IRM. Thanks again to everyone for a great conference and see you all soon!

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