Chris Potts on The Corporate Strategy for IT

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Chris Potts discusses his upcoming seminar: The Corporate Strategy for IT, taking place in London 21-22 April & 17-18 November 2015. The Seminar Information is available at:


From time-to-time, developments in the IT market and the wider economy radically change the game for Corporate Strategies for IT and the people that lead them. Whenever that happens, a new generation of strategy emerges.

This is one of those times.

As consumers, we are becoming masters at rapidly changing our behaviour to exploit technologies in ways that we value. Yet many organisations are still focused on how IT is delivered, and how much it costs. How can organisations now become as agile as consumers at creating value from IT in the context of their strategies and business plans?

This seminar is about achieving this in the most inspiring, effective and painless ways possible. It starts with how transformational changes in the IT market have created four generations of Corporate Strategy for IT, where we are today, and the ultimate end-game. Then, based on the real-life experiences of enterprises around the world, it lays out proven, practical innovations for guiding people through the next big step on the journey.

Entirely based on first-hand experiences of what works, and what doesn’t, the seminar will help you to:

•Explore the four generations of Corporate Strategy for IT. Where is your organisation today?
•Formulate your next-generation strategy in five days or less
•Transform the way your organisation behaves towards IT, from ‘costs’ to ‘value’
•Use IT’s enterprise-wide perspective to drive business innovations and investments that grow company performance
•Maximise the contribution of your IT specialists to both strategic and operational business value.

Learning Objectives

You will take away a comprehensive framework for formulating and executing your organisation’s Corporate Strategy for IT, and worked examples. Many people find that the experience permanently changes their perspective of what strategies for IT is all about, including:

•The promise, key principles and core tactics of a Corporate Strategy for IT
•Exploring and changing the corporate culture towards IT
•Investing in a portfolio of business changes involving IT
•Using Enterprise Architecture to drive business innovation and performance
•Moving to an ‘expert IT customer’ management model
•The ultimate destiny of the CIO and the IT Department

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