Mind The Gap – Incorporating the Change Agenda Into Scaled Agile Approaches

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We are looking forward to sharing our experiences and insights into the nuances around holistic change and how to incorporate it with scaled agile approaches. Too many agile approaches focus on delivering solutions, not necessarily embedding change within organisations.

Photo of Lynda Girvan

Lynda Girvan, Head of Business Analysis, CMC Partnership Consultancy Ltd
Lynda will be speaking at the IRM UK Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe 16-18 March 2020, London.

She will be speaking on the subject, Mind The Gap – Incorporating the Change Agenda Into Scaled Agile Approaches.
She will be presenting this workshop alongside Will Izzard, Head of Business Change, CMC Partnership Consultancy Ltd

People change at thier own pace and need time to absorb and embed the change into their day to day work. This is not something that can be achieved on-demand every 2 weeks. Embedding technical changes holistically into an organisation is not something that agile, or scaled agile, approaches consider. It just assumes it will be done.  More and more businesses are adopting scaled agile approaches to solve their internal transformational problems, which can bring systemically undesirable consequences. Value can only be perceived by the customer and so it is important to have a change approach that takes people on their own change journey. Come to our workshop to find out what gaps open up when moving from traditional programme management, which incorporated a change approach, to scaled agile approaches.

View the conference agenda here.

Workshop description:

In the technology-driven digital world, more and more organisations are moving away from traditional programme management approaches in favour of scaled agile methods and frameworks when delivering complex in-house transformational change. Even though scaled agile is not exclusively limited to delivering just IT, it makes scant mention of the full range of activities necessary to deliver the required business impact. The result is that IT gets delivered at scale, but not the business transformation.

In this workshop, Lyn and Will use a case study to explain the principles underpinning scaled agile approaches and uncover the gaps emerging between traditional programme management and scaled agile approaches. Techniques and solutions will be presented that overcome these challenges so that holistic change, encompassing people, process, policy information and technology, can be incorporated and business value can be realised.

Workshop attendees will benefit from the following learning outcomes:

• Understand the change gaps that are uncovered when moving away from programme management to scaled agile approaches through a case study
• Learn how to build change into scaled agile through 3 specific levels so change is iterative and incremental and kept in sync
• Understand how the change facilitator role aligns with and complements roles defined within scaled agile approaches

Lynda Girvan has over 25 years’ experience in business and systems development and transformational change, working as a consultant, professional trainer and practitioner in both public and private sectors. Lynda has extensive experience of adding value to organisations at a variety of levels, from coaching agile development teams through to advising on Board-level change programmes. Lynda’s particular strength is applying her knowledge of change, business analysis and agile to help organisations overcome challenging business problems, such as agile transformation and organisational agility. Lynda is CMC Partnership Consultancy’s Head of Business Analysis, an Agile Coach with the Scrum Alliance, a Fellow of the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and a Prosci® Practitioner. Lynda is an experienced speaker who has provided numerous talks and key notes at European and international conferences over many years. Lynda is co-author of the BCS books, ‘Agile and Business Analysis’ and ‘Developing Information Systems’.

Will Izzard Biography
A professional coach and facilitator of change, with over 25 years’ experience in business projects and change, Will Izzard is Head of Profession for Change Management at CMC Partnership Consultancy. He is an Experienced Prosci® Practitioner, Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Certified Symbolic Modeller (therapeutic metaphor work). He is interested in the blend of change facilitation (directing attention on what to do) with interpersonal skills (how to actually do it). Will believes that lasting change is brought about by small interventions which build the confidence and skills of others so that they achieve more and experience a deep level of learning. His latest development area helps clients construct metaphors from personal outcomes to visions and change initiatives, allowing a wealth of easily dismissed yet valuable information to be exploited. Will thrives on applying novel ideas for an organic and developmental approach to change – building on what works to create something new.

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